What’s A Spring Start-Up?

A spring start-up is a combination of services Murphy’s On-Site offers. We combined our start-up and appliance testing services, with our comprehensive inspection we offered. The spring start-up was born.

Anytime you request us to perform a spring start-up, we will ask what date you will be using your RV. This allows us to perform the service before you have arrived for your first camping experience, leaving you with a stress free camping experience.

What will you do to my RV?

Each spring start-up begins with us opening your slide-outs, hooking up your water, power and sewer. We then complete a thorough inspection for damage from rodents or water. Once we have completed our inspection we move onto flushing the fresh water system. This involves flushing the water heater and water lines. After this step is complete we move onto the appliance testing phase. We will test your, water heater, refrigerator, microwave, range, and air conditioner.

After testing your appliances we move outside to the awning and roof inspection. We perform a comprehensive roof inspection. If we see any minor issues with the sealer we will touch it up. If there is a major issue we will note it and consult with you on our findings.

For every spring start-up we leave a checklist so you know what work we performed and if there were any suggestions we had. Now you know how Murphy’s On-Site can make your first camping weekend worry free.

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