Weekly Tip: Getting the Air Out!

An important part of starting your RV is making sure the LP system is functioning properly. If it’s not working at peak efficiency your furnace, stove, hot water heater, or refrigerator may not work right.

The first thing you want to do is inspect all hoses to make sure there are no cracks or chew marks on them. If the hoses look to be in good shape you want to make sure there is gas in your tank. You can do this by lifting it up and feeling how heavy it is or by weighing it. If you don’t think you can tell how much gas is in the tanks just by feeling them. You can go through the process of weighing each tank to determine how much gas is left. If you want to know how to do this refer to RV Corner on our website we will be posting a video shortly.

Once you have determined there is gas in your tanks you can hook them back up and turn them on. Before lighting any appliances you want to make sure they are free of any debris, any debris from the winter could start a fire. Now that the gas is on you want to start up all your LP appliances. The easiest one is going to be the cooktop. Light one burner first and then any others. As long as you are getting even flame you can move onto the next step. This would be turning on the Furnace. Leave the cooktop burners on, as this is a way to test the regulator functionality. With the cooktop on turn on your furnace, you should hear it light. Now make sure the cooktop still has a solid flame if it does you can shut the cooktop off. Cycle the furnace on and off with the thermostat a couple of times to make sure everything is working. Check back in next week when we show you how to start up the other appliances in your RV.

If you have any concerns involving your LP system make sure to call an RVDA certified technician to look at it and perform a leak test.

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