Weekly Tip: Getting the Air Out! (Part 2)

In part one of our series we discussed how to start your RV cooktop and furnace in this part we are going to explain your RV refrigerator. This section is only going to apply to RV owners that have an RV style refrigerator. If you have a park model with a home-style refrigerator you can disregard this section.

The first thing you are going to want to do is pull the vent cover off the outside of your trailer. This will give you access to the back of the refrigerator. You want to vacuum out any debris that is visible within the box. Once you have done this you want to look at the burner and check for debris in there. You will most likely have to pull off a shroud to see the burner. Make sure there are no cobwebs, ladybugs, or bees nests in or around the burner.

Before you start the refrigerator you want to look for any yellow powder anywhere around the backside of the refrigerator. If you see any yellow contaminants DO NOT turn on your refrigerator. Please call a certified RV technician to look at the cooling unit and determine what is wrong. Finding yellow powder is a sign of a cooling unit failure and could cause a fire. If you do not see any signs of yellow powder you can go inside and turn your refrigerator on. Before starting your refrigerator on gas you want to check the electric portion of it. Turn your refrigerator onto electric and leave it run for around twenty minutes. Then check the burner to tube to make sure it is getting hot. Be careful it will be hot to the touch. Just put your hand near it, as you will be able to feel the heat. Once you have made sure your electric is working properly you can light the gas portion. Just check the flame on the burner and make sure it is burning blue and that is all you need to do to start up the LP portion of your refrigerator.

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