Water Filter Usage

Most new RV’s come with some type of water filter. We’re going to answer a few questions about their usage and maintenance.

Should I replace my filter every spring?
We do recommend you replace your filter every spring just in case anything contaminated it during the winter months. You wouldn’t want to run any foreign germs into your fresh water system.

What type of filter should I use?
Most RV’s use a simple paper or cloth filter. These filters are good at pulling out larger contaminates but won’t take out any smell or other foreign objects that can make it into your RV. If you have a filter in-line with your water hose you also have the option of a carbon filter. These filters work great, but you need to run some water through them before hooking it to your RV. If you don’t you will have a bunch of black junk in your water lines from the filter.

What will it filter out?
Most RV filters will just filter out larger sediments that are in the water. If you are using a carbon filter it will also filter out that rusty color as well. It will not filter out any harmful germs or bacteria.

Should I Drink My Water?
We recommend not using the water in your RV for drinking or cooking purposes. Many of our RV’s sit for months at a time without usage. There is ample opportunity for bacteria to grow. If it is not properly disinfected you could expose yourself on accident. We recommend using bottled water, or water that was brought from your home.

We hope this helps you understand what type of water filter to use in your RV.

Thank You,
The Murphy’s On-Site Team

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