Tip of the Week: Flushing the Winter Away!

Each winter we winterize hundreds of RV’s. Using non-toxic RV antifreeze we keep camper pipes and water heaters from freezing. When you get back to your RV after a long winter the antifreeze is still there protecting your pipes. Part of opening your RV in the spring is flushing out your water lines and water heater.

The first thing you want to do is inspect your water hose for any cracking or discoloration. If you see any replace your water hose before opening your RV. If your hose looks to be in good shape hook it to the water spigot and flush the hose to make sure there aren’t any contaminants in the hose. Now you can hook it up to your RV. Make sure the filter screen is still in the city water connection on your RV. This filter removes any particles that come in through the groundwater.

Once you have the water hooked up remove the hot water heater drain plug and turn on the water. Allow water to flow out of the hot water heater for 2-5 minutes. This removes any antifreeze or contaminants that were in the portion of the tank below the drain plug. Once this is done shut the water off and put the drain plug back.

First you have to fill the hot water heater by opening a hot water faucet and wait until there is steady water flow. Do not be alarmed if there is air coming out of the faucet for a couple of minutes, wait for the water to flow steadily with no air. You can now flush the water lines, you want to run each faucet until the water is running clear of any pink antifreeze. Once you have run all water fixtures and everything is running clear you are done. You can now begin to use your RV water system.

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