Tip of the Week: Energize Your Spring

It’s no fun when you get to your RV and you don’t have power. After a long winter of sitting in storage you need to make sure your battery is charged and full of water. Once you’ve checked the water levels in the battery and they are correct. Put it on your battery charger and allow it to charge till it is full. Great, now you’re set for your first weekend. Not so fast, you need to run a load test to make sure it can handle running your slide-outs back out for the summer. If you don’t have a load tester you can take it down to your mechanic or a place like Autozone, most of the time it is a free service. Now your ready to head out for your first weekend of fun!

Now that your battery is checked and running perfectly, you need to make sure your power cord is in good health. Pull out the entire power cord and inspect it to make sure it doesn’t have any cuts, slices or bare wire exposed. Depending upon the severity of the damage you may need to purchase a new cable. If there is no damage you can move onto inspecting the plug prongs. If there is any blu-ish green oxidation on them your going to want to clean the prongs. When a plugs prongs have oxidation on them they do not perform as well and can potentially cause fires. Luckily it’s a simple fix. Get some fine grit sand paper and clean off the contacts till there is good copper again. If you found a significant amount of oxidation you should replace your adapter, if you are using one. By taking the time to perform these two tasks you can prevent yourself hours of headaches later in the season.


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