Spring Tire Maintenance

Spring is a great time to take a look at your lug nuts, air pressure and tires. Even if you don’t haul your RV anywhere it’s still a good idea to at least check the air pressure in your tires.

Many people don’t realize that even though your tires may not have many miles on them they can still be worn out. Weather checking on tires can lead to a blow-out and cause major damage to your RV. You want to look for any cracking in the sidewalls. You also want to take a very close look at the tread as well. This is a very common place that can come apart.

If you don’t see any cracking in the sidewall or tread you will want to then check the air pressure. Proper inflation can help improve tire wear and fuel mileage. Having them properly inflated can also prevent blow-outs.

Checking your lug nuts is another important safety tip. Loose lug nuts can cause a tire to break loose and damage your RV. They can also cause damage to the brake system or hub assembly. Both of these can be costly to fix.

Checking your lug nuts, air pressure and tires is a great preventative step to enjoy a great summer of camping.

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