Top 4 Reasons to have an RV Surge Suppressor!

Each year thousands of dollars are spent on circuit boards and electronics in RV’s, all to make our camping experience more enjoyable. Many RV owners are finding out that these electronics, meant to make our life easier, are actually becoming a hassle as well as an extra expense. This is where a surge suppressor is meant to step in. Some motor homes are coming with surge suppressors from the factory, but your travel trailer or fifth wheel is just as susceptible to power fluctuations.

The idea behind an RV surge suppressor is essentially the same as a surge protector for your television or computer at your home. Small power fluctuations, voltage drops or a lightening strike can all damage your precious electronics. The surge suppressor flattens out these fluctuations and keeps the wattage and voltage steady on the backside. The components in your RV never know your electricity fluctuated.

Campground owners spend thousands of dollars every year upgrading power systems in RV Parks around the country. Unfortunately RV’s are using more and more power causing more load on RV park electrical systems. This is why you can never be cautious enough when plugging in your RV to a campground power supply. Having a surge suppressor can protect you from an improperly wired box all the way to a lightening strike.

  1. Thousands saved in potential repair costs from a power fluctuation.
  2. The electronics in the RV will last longer as they are not being exposed to power fluctuations.
  3. You will not have to deal with your RV being at the shop for an extended period of time.
  4. Peace of mind that when you plug your RV in you won’t have to worry.

If you are interested in learning more about surge suppressors call us at 715.325.2950 or consult your local RV supply company.

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