Product Spotlight: CO2 Detectors

Each year thousands of people are treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. It is a preventable issue with a good carbon monoxide detector. It is especially important in an RV because it is a small-enclosed space with many appliances that run on open flames.

All new RV’s are required to have a CO2 detector installed from the factory. This is a great safety measure to keep your family safe. If you are traveling with a motorhome it is best to have one that is hard wired into the 12 volt power system, this way it will always function even while your driving. If you have a park model type trailer you can use a home style one. They tend to be slightly more accurate plus they have LCD screens which tell you how many parts per million the concentration is. In a travel trailer situation many of them have hard-wired detectors so you will not have to worry about it. Just make sure your battery is fully charged.

As I stated earlier all new RV’s come with a CO2 detector, which is great. What most customers don’t know is that you have to replace a CO2 detector every couple of years. The time frame varies slightly, but most detectors will have a replace by date on them. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about CO2 detectors leave us a comment and we will respond.

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