Payment Terms Explained

Late payments are never a good thing! At Murphy’s On-Site we want to be very clear about our late payment procedure. In the past it has been somewhat unclear what the procedure is. Starting this year our late payment procedure will be as follows:

All of our customers will be on Net 30 payment terms. The advantage for you as a customer is that there shouldn’t be any issue with receiving your bill and it being mailed back to us in time.

Once your bill has reached past due status we will send you a reminder notice and invoice, to make sure that it wasn’t lost in the mail or forgotten about. This invoice will not have any late charge on it; it is simply a reminder of your bill. If we receive payment before another thirty days passes the bill will be treated as on time.

If your bill reaches thirty days past due you will be assessed a twenty-five dollar late fee on the thirty-first day it is past due. You will receive a second notice and an invoice reflecting the twenty-five dollar late fee.

If your bill reaches sixty days past due you will receive a third notice and another twenty-five dollar late fee on the 61st day as well as an updated invoice reflecting the additional late payment charges.

If your bill reaches ninety days past due you will receive a final notice and another twenty-five dollar late fee on the ninety-first day. Once again you will receive an updated invoice reflecting these charges. If you fail to pay your bill after this notice on the 121st day you will be sent to our collections team and you will be flagged as a delinquent customer in our system and we will not perform service on your RV again.

If there is anytime within this process that an extenuating circumstance comes up please call us at 715.325.2950 or send us an email at If you are proactive with letting us know what has happened we can work out different payment terms with you on a customer by customer basis.

For more information on our financial assistance program please visit this link: Financial Assistance Program


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