Invoicing 2.0

At Murphy’s On-Site we’re always trying to improve the experience for our customers. In the upcoming year you will be seeing many new and exciting updates coming from us.

The first update we’re rolling out is an updated invoicing process. We will have mobile printers and invoicing beginning this year. We tested the process two years ago and found that customers we’re very receptive to the update. We’ve also implemented a simple process to email invoices to customers if that is an option they choose to utilize.

Along with the updates for customers who are present when we repair their RV, we have also updated our mailed invoices. We are now including a payment stub, address changes option and a return envelope to make it easier for our customers to pay their bill. This update also assists us in making sure we credit the correct account and reduces billing errors.

We’re very excited to release these changes and look forward to the improvement it will make in your experience with Murphy’s On-Site.

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