Financial Assistance

We’re proud to announce the Murphy’s On-Site financial assistance program. We realize that at times budgets can be tight and unexpected events can arise. That’s why we have developed a financial assistance program for you.

Our payment terms for 2015 and moving forward will be Net 30. If you cannot pay your bill by the time it is due it will be subject to a $25.00 late fee. Unfortunately late fees can add up over the course of you paying off your bill. This compounding effect late payments can have on you our customers is why we have introduced the financial assistance program.

There are specific steps you must take to qualify for the financial assistance program.
1. Must have a qualifying life event.
2. Call within thirty days of your bill due date and request a financial assistance request form.
3. Sign documentation agreeing to the payment terms and conditions.

What life events could qualify me for your financial assistance program?
1. Death in Family
2. Loss of Job
3. Other extenuating circumstances

Murphy’s On-Site reserves the right to deny or grant financial assistance solely based on our discretion.

We want your camping experience to be as stress free as possible. That’s why we are willing to offer this service to you if you do have an unexpected life event. We appreciate everything you do for us. We will make every attempt to come up with a suitable assistance plan that will fit your needs.

Thank You,
The Murphy’s On-Site Team


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