Cleaning Your Aerator’s

Each winter you drain your water heater and any sediment that has accumulated ends up in the bottom. Then in the spring you fill your water heater and all that sediment is floating around inside. This sediment can sometimes cause your aerator to become clogged.

If you recently filled up your water heater and you suddenly have no water pressure at a certain sink there is a good bet an aerator is plugged. Luckily many of them just screw off and you can rinse them off. Be sure to put the sink drain plug over the basket.

The best way to avoid this issue altogether is to just remove your aerator’s on each of your sinks before you fill your water heater. When you are filling it all the sediment will come out right away and you should have no issue.

We recommend not using your kitchen faucet if it has a spar wand that pulls out as those are significantly harder to clean. Your best course of action is to run all the other faucets then use that one. By that point and major sediment build-up should already be gone.

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